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10 Things Top Printing Companies All Have in Common

All of the top printing companies have certain things in common, whether they are digital or offset printer. These common factors are all reasons why these businesses are considered the best of the best, and why the organizations are chosen more often than other companies are. If you are trying to find the right printer for your business or convention needs remember the factors listed below.

Top Printing Companies
  1. Top Printing Companies have Competitive Pricing

The top printing companies all offer pricing that is fair and competitive considering the skill, experience, and knowledge that the organization has. Any professional who offers prices which seem considerably below or above everyone else should be viewed with suspicion, because there may be other factors involved that you are not aware of.

  1. Fantastic Results

Whether you choose an offset printer or you decide to go digital you can expect fantastic results from the best businesses in the printing industry. These companies never offer more excuses or have an explanation for why things did not turn out as expected. They give great results on a consistent basis and that is why they are in such demand when a business needs printing.

  1. They Stand Behind Their Services

Every single one of the top printing companies in America stands behind all of the services that they offer. Ask what the company will do if you are unhappy with the products, and how they will make it right.

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  1. Expert Advice and In-house Special Services

The best companies, whether it is a digital or offset printer, will have experts available who can assist you when you need advice or help. Some large printing companies offer graphic design, mailing services, prepress, and specialty services like binding, embossing, and foil. These services are not usually free, but they are available if you need them in order to get the finished items that you expect. If a business does not offer these auxiliary services, they may not be the best pick for you.

  1. On Time Delivery Every Time

On time delivery can be extremely important, and the top printing companies will deliver on time every time. Some organizations take more orders than they can possibly fill, and then they apologize for late delivery and numerous delays in order to maximize their profits. In the meantime, you are missing important items needed for your marketing efforts or supplies.

  1. Rush Orders are Available

You should always order any printing needed as soon as possible, but top printing companies should offer some type of Rush or Priority service if this becomes necessary. There are always unexpected emergencies and you need to know that this is an option if the need arises. If the company does not offer expedited services, you may need a backup option. Printers that work 24 hours a day are more apt to be able to handle urgent orders.

  1. A Range of Paper Stocks and Inks to Choose From

All of the top printing companies will have a range of inks and stocks for customers to choose from, and it is often possible to special order a specific material if you want it and the business does not keep it on hand all the time. If you only have a few inks or a couple of paper stocks to pick from you may not get exceptional results for your expense.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Processes

While a digital print company may be slightly more environmentally friendly in some cases than an offset printer may, all of the printing greats try to be as friendly to our environment as possible. The best organizations will minimize their environmental footprint as much as possible.

  1. Samples of Relevant Products are Provided

The top printing companies will always provide samples of previous orders that are relevant to the order that you are considering. This means samples of items with die cutting if this is what you are looking for, or invitations with embossing and foil stamping. Make sure that the samples you see are relevant to the techniques and process that you want used with your order.

  1. References and Online Reviews are Available

Every one of the top printing companies will offer references on request, and they will have numerous online reviews available for you to look at as well. If neither of these is available then it is not possible for you to determine whether a company is the best choice or not.

Las Vegas Color Graphics is proud to be considered one of the top printing companies. We are the largest sheet-fed printer in Nevada.

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