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Top 12 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022 (Free & Paid)

  1. Adobe Photoshop— Best for graphic design software overall (Get 65% discount here)
  2. Adobe Illustrator— Best vector-based software for brand design (Get 65% discount here)
  3. Adobe InDesign— Best graphic design software for print media (Get 65% discount here)
  4. CorelDraw — Best vector-based Adobe Photoshop alternative 
  5. Sketch — Best professional software for affordability
  6. GIMP — Best free Photoshop alternative
  7. Affinity Designer — A powerful software for graphic design
  8. Gravit Designer — The best design software for multi-platform use
  9. Canva— Best free drag and drop Adobe alternative (Get 30 days free)
  10. Infinite Design — A professional vector-based design software for android
  11. Inkscape — A free software for illustrators and designers
  12. Adobe Express — A free and easy-to-use design software from Adobe (Get 65% discount here)

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